Sunderland Comprehensive Development Plan – Hobsonville

Campbell Brown Planning has recently assisted in obtaining non-notified resource consent for an application by the Hobsonville Land Company to establish a Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) at the Hobsonville Peninsula.

The Sunderland CDP has been carefully designed to provide a compact urban form while at the same time recognising and protecting a range of coastal and heritage features that give the subject site its unique character. The CDP provides for a range of housing choices, including innovative smaller homes to address housing affordability issues.

This includes attached and detached housing, small lot typologies, apartments and retirement living. The Consent enables up to 1,175 units. The CDP also enables a range of non-residential activities, including a Neighbourhood Centre within the Sunderland Head Precinct. The CDP includes large areas of proposed public open space that will serve the wider community, including the coastal esplanade reserve and the provision of a coastal walkway.

The proposal seeks to enable the establishment of a highly connected urban environment that makes use of a range of transport modes including walking, cycling and public transport.

If you would like to know more about the Hobsonville development check out the web site at: