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Plan Change 84, Ōmaha South Precinct, Auckland

We obtained a private plan change to make amendments to the Ōmaha South Precinct (PC 84). Plan Change 84 was resolved by Auckland Council to become operative on 13th October.

PC84 sought to amend the relationship between the Precinct rules and underlying zone and subdivision chapters to clarify that the standards within the Precinct replace all the standards within the Subdivision chapter and the underlying zone standards for activities within the Precinct activity table, with the exception of the home occupation standards. The Plan Change also sought to reinsert a diagram which defines the location of yards, as the application of the yards definition under the AUP resulted in unintended consequences.

PC84 was sought as a Limited Notified plan change. The approval of PC84 improves the efficient and effective implementation of the Ōmaha South Precinct by reducing complexity and potential conflict between provisions in various parts of the AUP and through removing the current need for resource consents as a result of existing discrepancies between provisions in different parts of the AUP.

Services we provided

• Preparing a Limited Notified Plan Change application
• Preparing evidence and attending the hearing