Hobsonville Farmers Market

Campbell Brown Planning has obtained resource consent for the operation of a Farmers Market at Hobsonville Peninsula.

The market operates up to a maximum of 20 hours per week. This includes Saturday and Sunday, plus one weekday morning session, and up to two evening sessions per week. The market hosts up to 70 stalls, with 35-40 stalls inside and up to 30-35 stalls outside.

The market sells fresh local farm produce, breads, baking, meat, fish, cheese, eggs, organics, coffee, honey, flowers among other products. It also provides cooking demonstrations, promotions and opportunities to taste fresh produce.

The proposal required consideration of a number of environmental issues, including noise, traffic generation and retail effects. The Farmers Market is also located in an area that will eventually be developed as part of the Hobsonville Comprehensive Development Plan. As such, consideration of the eventual development of the wider precinct was also required.

Campbell Brown Planning prepared the resource consent which was granted on a non-notified basis subject to conditions.  We are pleased that the Market is making a valuable contribution to the amenity of the local community. If you get the chance, check it out!