Bob Harvey

“Great cities are created by people with passion and vision.

I have been honoured to be Mayor of Waitakere for 18 years and it has been an extraordinary journey assisted by extraordinary people. Things did not just happen in isolation but have been accomplished by hard work and faultless dedication by individuals like Mr Michael Campbell and Mr Philip Brown.

The projects that we have completed and the tasks accomplished are now recognised throughout New Zealand and indeed the world. I would like to acknowledge the work of Philip and Michael who now move into the private sector and I and this Council acknowledge their work and wishes them well in their endeavours.

Together they have given this city its reputation and project second to none in New Zealand Local Government. Working with the vision of an Eco city, they have taken the Council to new heights of excellence and I know they will continue to do so, particularly as Waitakere is incorporated into the new Auckland Council.

Waitakere leaves behind an energised, proud community. Our built environment of libraries, stadia, our Civic Centre and transport hub is a tribute to them as well as a community that has seen what professionalism and care can do.

I am joined by my Council colleagues in cheering them on and thanking them for an outstanding contribution.”