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Hunua Views Pump Station

This will provide wastewater reticulation for up to 1000 dwellings in the adjacent Hunua Views Development which consists primarily of standalone housing with a local centre. To the north of the site is a reserve allocated for SW management and recreation.

The building was designed by Construkt Architects and the result is an aesthetic that is expressed in a functional way with patterned concrete and a utilitarian front yard, while the pitched metal roof and apertures were forms more residential in nature with dynamic roof geometry creating a point of interest.

Photo Credits – Calvin Hui & Construkt Architects ©


The project formed part of a wider package of developments proposed for the area, with the objective being to complete these in time for the 36th America’s Cup.

The proposal provided improved and continuous waterfront access, as well as a high-quality pedestrian-friendly space to support the passenger transport, cruise ship and open space functions of Quay Street and its surrounds. It also allowed for increases in pedestrian movement forecast within the area.

To achieve this objective, the reduction of Quay Street from four to two lanes vehicle lanes was proposed. A significant challenge was managing the anticipated construction impacts, particularly given the number of construction prospects proposed for the downtown area. Heritage, trees, natural hazards and existing infrastructure were other issues that required consideration.

An ‘outside of the box’ consenting strategy, unique collaborative planning approach and robust consultation process were cornerstones to the project’s successful outcome. The proposals will be transformational for downtown, and we are really excited about experiencing the end result!

Click here to check out how the project is progressing.