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Toitū Net Carbonzero Recertification 2023

November 19, 2023

We have been certified to ISO14064, which means we’re aligned with an internationally recognised standard. By being Toitū certified we are going beyond simply measuring, we are ensuring a third party is checking our data and progress. Being a part of Toitū’s carbon program means we are actively taking steps to mitigate climate change.

As we return to normal following the Covid years we have seen an increase in our carbon emissions, especially around our domestic travel as cancelled conferences were able to start taking place again. We also found more of our staff were returning to the office rather than working from home.

Mitchell Heaven and Lisa Watson work collectively to gather all our data. Everything from measuring our waste to keeping on track with reducing our electricity usage. Small changes that we can make will have a wider impact overall.

We look forward to seeing where our Toitū journey takes us next and doing our part in taking action and helping Aotearoa meet its climate goals!