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March 16, 2022

Campbell Brown Planning is delighted to have assisted Urban Resort Limited and Icon Co Pty (NZ) Ltd with securing consent via the Covid-19 Recovery (Fast Track Consenting) Act 2020 for Ōmāhu – a high quality, master planned residential development on a 1.4ha site in Remuera, Auckland.

Ōmāhu comprises 238 apartments and supporting amenities for residents and the wider public to enjoy. On-site amenities include hospitality, small scale retail, recreation activities, and large areas of open space, including an extensive central urban park that will be accessible to the public.

As a referred project, Ōmāhu accords with the purpose of the Fast track consenting Act to urgently promote employment to support the post COVID-19 economic recovery. Ōmāhu will provide significant social and economic benefits through generation of substantial employment and housing provision.

This application was prepared and processed extremely quickly. We recognise that a key reason for this was through working in a cooperative and collaborative manner with the incredibly capable and skilled Ōmāhu Project Team, Mana Whenua, adjoining neighbours and Auckland Council and CCOs. We are proud of the enormous amount of effort that went in to design, assessment and reporting on Ōmāhu to pull together the comprehensive fast track consent application.

Congratulations to Urban Resort Limited and Icon Co Pty (NZ) Ltd who had the vision and drive to bring this project to life. Ōmāhu looks incredible and we all look forward to seeing it take shape.