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Waimahia Special Housing Area

Campbell Brown Planning have been engaged to assist with delivering Auckland’s First Special Housing Area under the Auckland Housing Accord. The Waimahia Special Housing Area in Weymouth is subject to the statutory requirements of the ‘Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013’ (the ‘HASHA Act’) and the provisions of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (‘the Unitary Plan’). Campbell Brown has recently lodged the first application for resource consent under the HASHA Act.

The applicant for this proposal is Tamaki Makaurau Community Housing Limited. Ultimately, it is intended that the Waimahia residential development will be a pathfinder mixed community, comprising community and private housing that balances productive use of the land, high quality urban design, best practice community design and a focus on affordability across the housing continuum. Campbell Brown has worked closely with the applicant and consultants Jasmax, Candor3, Hargrave Group and Traffic Design Group to produce a high quality urban outcome.

The proposal is for up to 300 new residential homes. This application involves the creation of residential lot and houses and the associated civil development works including bulk earthworks, the establishment of key public roads, reticulated stormwater, wastewater and water supply infrastructure and other key services. The establishment of an esplanade reserve adjacent to the eastern coastal margin also forms part of this application. The proposal also involves the restoration of one stream, and the reclamation of another. If you would like further information about the Special Housing process and the opportunities to advance housing projects, please contact Michael Campbell on 021 2789018.